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Splashguard of Departure

Trivia question: what kind of protection should you wear when calling diff from a “Run Shell Script” action? You should affix the Splashguard of Departure, ideally with some +charisma to offset the posix misalignment. This is because “Run Shell … Continue reading

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os_log haystack needler

Here’s a method to find where any given NSUserDefault setting is persisted. This might help if you’re trying to write a script to get or set that setting. As a bonus, this post details a reusable strategy for withstanding the … Continue reading

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The Silent Suffering of QuickLook

I experiment with lots of different software – there are currently 308 items in /Applications and 508 git repos in ~/work (only a handful of which are directly job related). If you’re thinking something like “that’s gross, I bet your … Continue reading

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On the value of money-as-currency

I first wrote this as a comment to a Veritasium video that analyzes the perils of a recommendation-based approach to content distribution. In attempting to link to that comment on Twitter, I found myself unable to do so because Twitter … Continue reading

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A Low But Significant Bar

A friend got a 4th gen AppleTV in late 2015 – a friend that enjoys retro video games, but that doesn’t own any consoles. I tried Provenance on my iPad and was pretty satisfied, and figured it would be pretty nifty on the … Continue reading

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Silence sandbox log spam (or: Why is sandbox logging ALLOWED access?!)

I’ve been annoyed by sandbox log verbosity since always, but recently I was pushed over the edge when playing with a tool (htop) that calls task_for_pid a lot. It’s open source, so not code signed or entitled. There are various … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting the Adaptive Firewall in OS X Server

Recently I did some spelunking into the Adaptive Firewall facility of OS X Server to devise a procedure for troubleshooting a reported failure of AF to block failed SSH logins. Consider this a supplement to this post at krypted. (although do … Continue reading

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eGPU intrigue

As we consider a mac user’s renewed quest for GPU performance – this time for an ‘external’ GPU in a tbolt2 PCI chassis – we find similarities to other timeless quests. For instance, in our quest, the path is not clear in the beginning, and there … Continue reading

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How to rescue aborted QuickTime Player audio recordings

Know that feeling when you remember you don’t have your keys while you are closing a locked door? It’s the same feeling as when you use QuickTime Player to record some lengthy audio, and you remember you didn’t stop the recording while you are putting the … Continue reading

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Spotlight, UserFilesOnly, kMDItemSupportFileType, and MDSystemFile

Recently, VMWare Fusion stopped appearing in Spotlight results. Other queries return expected results, and the spotlight index info for Fusion appears OK at first glance via: mdls “/Applications/VMWare” What’s going on, then? To get a different perspective, I tried … Continue reading

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