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This seems important enough.

If Clinton can get impeached for a blowjob, I would think that Bush can get nailed for illegal wiretapping. Oh fancy that, you mean congress is trying to slide through a vote to pardon the president!?! How could THAT happen?!?!?! … Continue reading

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Decrypting afp mount strings

{10} andre@werk [~] % mount | grep /Volumes/andre afp_006Af01nOUmc001Eic06SdO0-1.2c0000ae on /Volumes/andre (nodev, nosuid, mounted by andre) Huh? how helpful is that! How can I tell what server it came from? Yeah, I could netstat, but what if there’s a bunch … Continue reading

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big mac

My Mac Pro arrived today. It’s pretty awesome. The first time I opened the cpu panel (after installing CHUD), I thought it was broken. I had all my normal stuff running (safari, ichat, mail, many terminals, itunes, console, a few … Continue reading

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Spotlight indexes on read-only media

Here’s a way to let spotlight do a full content index of a read only CD. It can even persist across uses :) #!/bin/sh # pass in the name of the r/o volume, e.g. DiskWarriorCD # this is proof of … Continue reading

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