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So, the training in CA was… aight. I’m not the biggest fan of Office type applications, but hay… it’s a trip to cupertino… So this session was the first “train the trainer” session for the Microsoft Office X courseware that … Continue reading

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applescript mania

I wrote this little script today to help demonstrate the differences between media encoded at various bitrates using the AAC (mpeg4) codec, compared to straight uncompressed aiff and a 128Kbit mp3 for reference. Feel free to use this for your … Continue reading

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I think I’d like some feedback on some stuff I’ve been working on lately. Specifically, music tracks… While the point of the creation for me is to enjoy the process and the end product, maybe others might dig it too… … Continue reading

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ho hum

So… sunday evening, just kickin’ it. Had a gathering last night at Beau’s place. I’m never one to pass up an opportunity to uh… well, to get wasted, and it was nice to get a chance to hang with some … Continue reading

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woop, woop!

So, been a while since I’ve updated… Not too much has been going on, and that is why… Today was a good day, however. Started by waking at 5:45 to prepare to watch the MacWorld keynote speach with blackmagic at … Continue reading

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