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Wednesday night I went to see Kid Koala, p-love, and DJ Jester play at the re-opening of a place called Medicine Hat. It was a really great show, and for anybody with a chance to see them in this current … Continue reading

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teh pdx

Took a train from sea to pdx. ’twas a pleasant ride… maybe ~ 3 hours or so – they played ‘die another day’, the latest james bond movie, and I didn’t listen, and just about every time I looked up, … Continue reading

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is it possible to prevent violence with violence? in a perfect world, there would be no need for violence. does an imperfect world necessitate violence? if this movement against iraq is really the right thing to do, why isn’t the … Continue reading

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Those Saints!

Those Saints! It’s a reason track, see… which I think has enough entertainment value for the public at large, so… there :) I am also very tired.

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mmhmm :)

Had a great time last night with blackmagic, inflammatio, and b0rked… it was lots of fun, sort of a ‘back to basics’ night :) I was a bit wobbly this morning, but the instability has finally given way to hungar! … Continue reading

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it’s an update, see…

So then… Cupertino was much fun, as usual. Learned a good deal and felt like I contributed good stuff. Last night was my buddy Don’s birthday, and blackmagic did host a very enjoyable gathering. I saw some folks I haven’t … Continue reading

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