Wednesday night I went to see Kid Koala, p-love, and DJ Jester play at the re-opening of a place called Medicine Hat. It was a really great show, and for anybody with a chance to see them in this current tour, I would totally recommend it.

It was so much not the standard DJ set. It was, in fact, a book launch! :)

After DJ Jester opened (he was mixing love songs… it was a cool set :), Koala came out and talked to us a bit. A very engaging speaker / storyteller, he is :) He brought along some old equip from his early days of scratching (circa 1988) and messed around with that a bit.

He introduced p-love, from NYC, and then introduced his book, “Nufonia Must Fall”.

We were shown several frames from the book via his 35mm projector, and he would provide snippets of the story… totally funny and interesting :) It struct me that this would make an excellent bed time story for a small child, and it would be fun to ‘read’ (there are no words, just illustrations).

He occasionally broke out into more traditional DJ routines, aided by p-love… between the two of them, it was a pretty amazing showcase. There is also a CD sound track that comes with the book:

Most of the cuts are pretty short, and set what seems to be the perfect mood for the book.

About half-way through, they passed out pencils and small square pieces of paper with stuff drawn on them. We then proceeded to play nufonia bingo :)

The winner got a free copy. As it was, I was more than happy to give him $20 after paying $12 for almost three hours of excellent entertainment.

He closed with the story of how he and p-love met in Montreal… I don’t wanna give anything away, but it was really funny and ended up in a battle routine between the two on a michael jackson ballad :)

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