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Remote Server Setup get stuck?

I was using Server Assistant to do a remote setup of Mac OS X Server, and for some reason Server Assistant hung. When I relaunched it, the target server would not allow me to start over or continue the remote … Continue reading

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NSTask trickery for long shell pipelines

I learned a cool trick hack today in the process of trying to help somebody with their cocoa code. Dude was trying to fire an NSTask with some arguments for the current command, and then an additional argument that included … Continue reading

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Modifying nested property list items with PlistBuddy

The /usr/bin/defaults command gives us basic command line access to the Mac OS X preferences system. I say ‘basic’ because it provides no facility for directly operating on any keys / values that are not at the top of the … Continue reading

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Managing dual boot Macs

How I learned to stop worrying and image / restore those dastardly windows NTFS partitions:

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Feeding back…

Here is a copy of the modified wucoco theme I’m using. Nuked the calendar Moved 100 pixels of width from the right column to the left Added a ‘pre’ css element assertion Fixed a small problem with the title middle … Continue reading

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please stand by Why not try a couple long lines first. One big problem I had while trying to figure out this layout is exactly how to deal with preformatted text. Since I intend to be pasting lots of code … Continue reading

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Pirates vs Cowboys / Bay to Breakers

I spent most of the weekend in SF hangin’ with Nick and Kori. First was the party at the old office of the puzzlepirates crew Saturday night. The theme was pirates vs cowboys; I decided to go cowboy. I spent … Continue reading

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