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Ubuntu Development Bootstrap

Linux hackers surely already know this, but I’m only sorta a Linux hacker. This post documents a nice process for using apt to prepare an Ubuntu machine for development. In my case, I was trying to build a custom version … Continue reading

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Gnuplot time-series buckets quickie

Let’s say you’ve got a log file of events with time stamps; the nature of the events isn’t relevant, and let’s say the stamps look like this: 14/Mar/2012:17:49:34 14/Mar/2012:17:49:34 14/Mar/2012:17:49:39 14/Mar/2012:17:49:40 14/Mar/2012:17:49:41 14/Mar/2012:17:49:58 14/Mar/2012:17:51:46 14/Mar/2012:17:51:46 14/Mar/2012:17:52:56 14/Mar/2012:17:52:56 14/Mar/2012:17:52:57 14/Mar/2012:17:52:57 14/Mar/2012:17:53:16 … Continue reading

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