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only for the bored / curious

here’s the day 1 notes. I was going to make omnigraffle diagrams of the diagrams I drew by hand, but that would just be too time consuming; instead I’ll just scan them in when I return.

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gimmie more!

Just finished chapter 1; we’re on a lunch break. The class is pretty fast paced, as there’s a ton of material to cover in just 5 10 hour days. We’ve got a really good instructor named Muhamed Ali (no relation … Continue reading

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So, I lasted about 4 hours without internet access. Fortunately, the Woodfin hotel has complimentary net surfing from a pc in their “business center” (a small room with a desk, a printer that’s not hooked up, and a computer with … Continue reading

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Going to CA for a CCNA bootcamp. It’s in Fremont. Should be fun / exausting / educational :) latez

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the haps

so, things are going well. today was a fun and relaxing day :) since I’ve posted last, I finally built my wintendo, ball, after years of wanting / needing one. then today I just got an upgrade from the gforce2 … Continue reading

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The Damon friend network strikes again.

The job search is over. A couple weeks ago, Damon sent some email to a VP at The Computer Store. After several days, I received a call from him and we set up an interview which occured last Friday. It … Continue reading

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So, my stuff has arrived, at long last and with much fanfare! I’ve been living off bish for about a month and a half or so… not exactly easy to travel with a tower and a large CRT, after all. … Continue reading

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