So, my stuff has arrived, at long last and with much fanfare! I’ve been living off bish for about a month and a half or so… not exactly easy to travel with a tower and a large CRT, after all. Finally I’m back on mah g4. It’s only marginally faster than the ibook, but the key factors are the much more ample music collection / storage space, the dual monitars, and of course the QUAKEability! :) (hoo ray for pci radeon… for an old-ass g4, this thing’s fairly decked).

Been tinkering with this and that lately. I think I might be getting the production bug again… it could mean overhauled websites, increased amounts of writing, learning new stuff (like reading that C book I bought…), finishing my project with AppleScript Studio (hereafter affectionately referred to as ASS – just you wait ;), making music (damon’s got a usb midi controller that I can make use of… not as easy as with a controller / synth, but I think I can still make stuff happen), mixing music (that’s relatively easy, tool wise), or maybe even finally coming up with a truly workable and efficient organizational / syncronizable scheme for my data across my two macs. Hmm.

The lab’s looking pretty dope what with all this l33t apple hardware and seductive techno-lighting… good times :)

inflammatio brought me Towelie back with her from Texas!!!

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