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a journal update

Saw Autechre last night at the showbox. I’ve been listening to some of their older stuff for quite some time, but only recently have I been exposed to some of the newer recordings. It seemed to me as though they’re … Continue reading

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which way to go?

So this is me capturing that moment of uncertainty that occurs when you’re not exactly sure where you’ll be living a week from now. Quite a mix of factors brought the situation to where it is now, ranging from unfortunate … Continue reading

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Ready for some fun visuals?

Mac OS X Users: 1) Set your desktop pic to “Flow 1.jpg” located at “/Library/Desktop Pictures” 2) Download Blacklight. 3) Put the blacklight screensaver module included with blacklight into the “/Library/Screen Savers” directory inside your home directory. 4) Open the … Continue reading

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day three


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day 2

It’s day two of the weekend geek festival here at blackmagic labs… Last night, kupo graced us with his presence, and I do believe that others are queued up for today… It’s pretty badass to be able to geek out … Continue reading

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If I could clean bathrooms for $30 an hour, I might seriously consider it as a career choice. Perhaps it’s not the best use of my skills, but you know, it’s honest labor. I just spent about 1.5 hours in … Continue reading

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okay… *settles in*

So yeah, there’s more to this than meets the eye. I’d be remiss to just start writing without first taking some time out to really look around, get the lay of the land, etc… With that in mind, I’m going … Continue reading

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still waiting to get some content…

… but what’s the point of writing to say that I don’t have time to write?

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