which way to go?

So this is me capturing that moment of uncertainty that occurs when you’re not exactly sure where you’ll be living a week from now. Quite a mix of factors brought the situation to where it is now, ranging from unfortunate to unlucky to just plain dumb. It’s a rather involved story that I don’t think I’ll get into here.

Frankly, though, I think I’m handling it a lot better than I’ve seen others handle situations like this in the past. Roommates, lack of rent money, and differing fallback plans almost always seem to end up embroiled in a nice heaping mess, but I’m not that kind of dude. I’ll play it straight up with you; I’ll let you know how things are from my perspective and discuss motivations for my actions (or lack thereof), and attempt to come to an understanding about what could / should / will happen. Even if the current situation is based on personal mistakes (which may or may not be my own), I won’t hold it personally against another party unless the intention was to dick me over (in this case, that is certainly not the case).

I’ve often been criticized for being too nice, too understanding… Perhaps it’s true, but it’s much better than the opposite ;)

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