Ready for some fun visuals?

Mac OS X Users:

1) Set your desktop pic to “Flow 1.jpg” located at “/Library/Desktop Pictures”
2) Download Blacklight.
3) Put the blacklight screensaver module included with blacklight into the “/Library/Screen Savers” directory inside your home directory.
4) Open the System Preferences application, click “Screen Saver”, select BlackLight, click configure, check both boxes, and put the first slider slow and the other normal.
5) Set up a hot corner under “Activation”, then drag your mouse into that corner.
6) Enjoy the kneading effect that the color rotation causes. This looks *really* cool under certain circumstances, as I’m sure you could imagine :)

So, that’s the end of the geek weekend… I can’t help but be a bit nostalgiac already :) Good times…

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