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A Better Activity Metric

Using CPU utilization to measure overall CPU activity is like trying to infer how far a car has traveled by looking at the speedometer instead of the odometer. Continue reading

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Splashguard of Departure

Trivia question: what kind of protection should you wear when calling diff from a “Run Shell Script” action? You should affix the Splashguard of Departure, ideally with some +charisma to offset the posix misalignment. This is because “Run Shell … Continue reading

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How to rescue aborted QuickTime Player audio recordings

Know that feeling when you remember you don’t have your keys while you are closing a locked door? It’s the same feeling as when you use QuickTime Player to record some lengthy audio, and you remember you didn’t stop the recording while you are putting the … Continue reading

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Traffic micro-management: limit network bandwidth used by an OS X process

Problem: you have some silly uploader app that only knows one speed: maximum. You would love a way to make that app back off so it doesn’t saturate your uplink and badly impact the other things using your network. Previously in … Continue reading

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irssi auto-op your friends

From the ‘short and sweet’ department, here’s a fast recipe for configuring irssi to automatically op users of your choosing. cd ~/.irssi/scripts curl -O mkdir -p autorun ; cd autorun ; ln -s ../ If irssi is already running … Continue reading

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Chasing your tail, and winning! (or: ramdisk soothes latency bumps)

My 8 drive RAID array is a little weird. Throughput is decent, but latency is kinda bad. This causes World of Warcraft for mac to not be able to keep up when capturing in-game video at high data rates (200+ … Continue reading

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Gnuplot time-series buckets quickie

Let’s say you’ve got a log file of events with time stamps; the nature of the events isn’t relevant, and let’s say the stamps look like this: 14/Mar/2012:17:49:34 14/Mar/2012:17:49:34 14/Mar/2012:17:49:39 14/Mar/2012:17:49:40 14/Mar/2012:17:49:41 14/Mar/2012:17:49:58 14/Mar/2012:17:51:46 14/Mar/2012:17:51:46 14/Mar/2012:17:52:56 14/Mar/2012:17:52:56 14/Mar/2012:17:52:57 14/Mar/2012:17:52:57 14/Mar/2012:17:53:16 … Continue reading

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Mailman members only

Recently I had occasion to cook up some glue for a Mailman deployment that wanted a privacy and membership management policy that would not be facilitated by the Mailman mailing list software in its current form. We wanted to host … Continue reading

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Somniac and a UI scripting quickie

Just about every time I want an AppleScript to wait a second or two during script execution, I instinctively insert a “sleep x” statement, where x is some small number of seconds. Every time, I’m surprised when I test the … Continue reading

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Cross-application URL cache searching!

I was out taking a (filesystem) walk, and wandered into /var/folders. Not remembering where / when this came from, I was pleased to find that the hier(7) manpage is aware of this directory, describing it as ‘per-user temporary files and … Continue reading

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