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– In Portland this week for another ACTC class (almost done, at this point) – Had birthday funs with Verso and company, doing a couple of decidedly non-dre things. It was most unique, and she deserves props for ensuring that … Continue reading

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big wheels keep on turnin’… proud marry will be burning on Sunday for sure :)

Finished the Client Management course. Passed the test. Had fun and learned a few tricks, though most of the material was rehash. Got my first apple badge yesterday :) Totally stoked! I spent a good 10 minutes just walking around … Continue reading

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down yonder

I’m in cupertino again for a few days; this time it’s to get certified for a new course called Client Management. It’s a bit different than the other courses, as this one is classified as an ‘elective’. An elective is … Continue reading

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