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I’m in cupertino again for a few days; this time it’s to get certified for a new course called Client Management. It’s a bit different than the other courses, as this one is classified as an ‘elective’. An elective is required along with the two full-week courses in order to achieve an ACSA certification (there aren’t any bona-fide ACSAs yet since this is the first delivery of this, the first elective). Today and tomorrow is the curriculum delivery for the trainers and also for some revenue customers; Thursday is sort of a de-brief / QA session for the trainers only.

Also, Apple asked me to come back in a few weeks to teach the OS X Server Admin & Integration course, which afaik isn’t quite finished yet. This will be only the second paying job I’ve done for Apple.

– I should get to pick up my apple contractor badge today. wee :)

– I’m feeling some dental pain coming on in my back lower left tooth. this sucks since I have neither dental insurance nor like $5000 laying around. not sure what I’ll do about this, but it’s not debilitating quite yet. anybody recommend any possible solutions?

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