irssi auto-op your friends

From the ‘short and sweet’ department, here’s a fast recipe for configuring irssi to automatically op users of your choosing.

cd ~/.irssi/scripts
curl -O
mkdir -p autorun ; cd autorun ; ln -s ../

If irssi is already running (and why wouldn’t it be ;), /run the friends_peder script. Otherwise just start irssi and the script will auto-load. Then add some friends.

/run friends_peder
/addfriend -flags o *!* #macosx undernet
/addfriend -flags o *!* #Quake4Life gamerznet

The addfriend syntax is:

-!- Friends: /ADDFRIEND [-mask full|normal|host|domain] [-flags 
          <[o][v][c]>] <nick|mask> [<channel> [<chatnet>]]]

You may have noticed the new window that appeared to show the state of your friends list:


There are some other commands, which you use by specifying an entry number to edit:

CHANNEL <num> <channel>    - set channel
    <channel> is either a channel nam
DELETE  <num>              - delete entr
FLAGS   <num> <flags>      - set flags
    <flags> is a list of c (color), o (give op), v (give voice)
MASK    <num> <mask>       - set 
    <mask> is in the usual nick!use
NET     <num> <net>        - set net
   <net> is one of your defined ircnets or * for all


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