If I could clean bathrooms for $30 an hour, I might seriously consider it as a career choice. Perhaps it’s not the best use of my skills, but you know, it’s honest labor. I just spent about 1.5 hours in my own bathroom preparing it for inspection by the landlady and her next unsuspecting victims, and I must say it’s never been that clean…. Actually, cleaning bathrooms for a living would suck. What am I thinking?

This weekend will be devoted to geeking out. I’m bringing my rig over to blackmagic’s place, and some others will be doing the same. I look forward to a couple days of solid computer love… Wait a second… I get that all day, every day. Well I guess this time I get to be in physical proximity to others with the same affliction…

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  1. audiehall says:

    Mmmmm…brushing around moldy toilets for 30 bucks an hour? Sounds like a career move to me. Ah…just imagine…cleaning up pink chuncky vomit, big turds, yellow toilet paper strewn and soggy on the tile floor, unflushed tampons, condoms, wads of unidentifiable tissue. And that’s just the toilets. Mmmmm…sounds yummy to me.

    Er…no, I think I’ll stick with my brainless keyboard punching antics, thank you very much.

    Have fun geeking, dear. Write some software for me.

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