The job hunt continues. I won’t lie, I hate it. Maybe I’m way off base, but all too often, it seems like the dumbasses with buzzword resumes make way more money than they should, while honest, knowledgable folk like myself get sloppy seconds. hmm. In any case, I’ve been pouring through classifieds and job sites at a fairly decent rate, sending out as many resumes every day as possible.

Got all signed up for the ccna bootcamp in beautiful Fremont, CA, and got my airline ticket. I’ll be gone from April 28th until May 3rd. Chances are fair that I may have a job before I leave, and will have to work it out with my employer…. which might make you wonder why I’m going to the trouble of getting Cisco certified if I’m not going to use it as grounds for getting myself a networking job. The short answer is: I care less about how my resume looks than I do about my own knowledge, so I’m taking it cause I want to… oh, and it’s being graciously paid for by my most generous grandfather (I would already be cisco certified were it not for the rather steep pricetag of the bootcamps).

Anyway, trying to remain non-frustrated about the job search. I’ve only been at it for a couple weeks, so it’s un-realistic to think that I’d have something by now. I guess the root of my frustration comes from the fact that my resume doesn’t even begin to convey the value I can bring to any organization. At least, that’s the way I feel. Maybe I’m being conceited about it, but I don’t think so. I’m seriously considering just packing up a bunch of resumes and physically going to see employers. All I need is a little bit of face time :) One thing is for sure; I definitely miss my last job, where I was completely responsible for my piece of the pie. I like using my own brain to determine what needs to be done and then doing it, instead of following the instructions of somebody that knows less than I do. Ah well. The struggle continues :)

We were at an art supply store the other day, and as I was milling about, check out what damon did:

That is all :)

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