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So then… Cupertino was much fun, as usual. Learned a good deal and felt like I contributed good stuff.

Last night was my buddy Don’s birthday, and blackmagic did host a very enjoyable gathering. I saw some folks I haven’t seen in a good while, had a great time, and also enjoyed a night of efficient and effectual consumption, with narry an unfortunate side effect.

In other news, my transition at work from Sales to training / curriculum dev is nearly complete. I spent most of this week in Redmond delivering apple’s quicktime streaming server course, and did a full-day final cut pro class on friday. There are a few more (not so minor) details to sort out with this new function of mine, but all in all it’s going well :) Since the store is currently being remodeled, I have no desk and no machine… I’ve been just using my laptop for stuff, which will probably continue for another couple weeks until the remodel is done, at which point I will have a desk + system.

Other than that, not a whole lot is going on… same ol, more or less. Not feeling incredibly inspired, musically or otherwise, which is unfortunate… it comes and goes, I guess.

I got sick last thursday in CA… peaked on Saturday, and now I’m just riding out the tail end. Exciting :)

Definitely enjoying this new schedule, though… having weekends off rocks. I’m hoping the remianing Saturday training classes I teach won’t get too annoying, cutting into my off-days and all that. It’s temporary, though, so that’s coo…

that is all :)

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