So, the training in CA was… aight. I’m not the biggest fan of Office type applications, but hay… it’s a trip to cupertino… So this session was the first “train the trainer” session for the Microsoft Office X courseware that apple has developed… so now I’m able to teach this Office curriculum. It’s end-user training, not technical training… which are two pretty different animals, for sure. I prefer teaching techs, not llamas, but… joo gotsta pay da bills (n shit).

This was just a one day thing… flew in last night, flying out in about an hour. I’m currently at the San Jose airport, at the Expedia.com bar / lounge area. They’ve got complimentary ‘data ports’ (phone lines) at some of the tables, so of course I jumped on that with the Earthlink account I have for travel purposes. Turned on internet connection sharing over airport, and 30 seconds after sitting down, me and my buddy from seattle (who also came down for the Office X session) are kon3ct3d t0 teh d|sc0v4rwab.

The company put me up in the fairly swanky Cupertino Inn, which was nice since it’s like 1.5 blocks from the apple campus. It’s also nice cause they have an actual limo used for complimentary shuttling to / from the airport… it was my first time in a limo :) They also had free happy hour at the Inn, which we hit up before catching the ride to the ‘port, and now here at the expedia I went ahead and bought myself a six dollar shot of the cuervo… wee ;)

In other news, I found out that my company will be putting me through the more advanced Apple certification (ACSA) once the courseware is revised for the upcoming major release of Mac OS X (jaguar). I’ve already got the ACTC, but will have to re-certify for jaguar, since things are changing significantly.

And uh… other than that… life is good :) Looking forward to kickin’ back to sea town, chillin’ with the bml crew, etc. For now, however, I’ve got an hour of increasingly semi-drunken 24000 bps (shared) lovin’ to contend with, and contend I shall ;)


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  1. lenox says:

    i totally envy what you are up to!

    travelling, education, new people….apple…wow!

    i am really proud

    • dre says:

      Thank you! You know, I try to involve my online / IRC friends in as much of it as possible, since I really do feel like we’re all in it togther in some strange way… I do also credit my peers for helping me get where I am today (whever that is, exactly)… it’s definitely one huge thing that’s missing from the lives of most of the people I meet in my day to day dealings… a healthy and productive online life, I mean. Or maybe I’m just a net junkie ;) (if so, so be it)

  2. dre says:

    So, I forgot to mention a couple things…

    The entire session was videotaped by two pretty high-end production guys for the purpose of being sold / distributed by apple as an alternative to live instruction. Anyway, this is microsoft office we’re dealing with here, so I figured I’d probably get to see a few screwups. Turned out to be more than a few. I lost count, actually :) I was working really hard to hold in the laughter as the little bastard office assistant wouldn’t go away, or Office would just up and crash, or when they were demonstrating formulas in Excel that simply did not work without some tinkering :)

    At one point, they were showing how you can embed quicktime movies into email messages, but every time they added the sample quicktime movie it generated some weird network error. I quickly grabbed this movie which I made at the macworld 2000 expo and supplied it for use in the demonstration of just how *easy* it is to embed quicktime in email messages… hehe. They used it, too, so now my grillpiece gets distro’d throughout the land on an apple produced VHS, and possibly also streamed from apple’s website… wee :)

    Anyway, it was all pretty funny :)

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