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So, been a while since I’ve updated… Not too much has been going on, and that is why… Today was a good day, however. Started by waking at 5:45 to prepare to watch the MacWorld keynote speach with blackmagic at 6:00. After that I went back upstairs to my apt where I studied a bit more for the two Apple Certification exams I took today – Mac OS X Administration Basics and Mac OS X Server Essentials. Took a cab down to Wings Aloft at King County Airport (it’s a Prometric testing center), started the admin basics exam at like 10 and the other at 12. Passing score is 75%; I got a 97% on the admin basics and an 87% on the server essentials :) So, now I’m certified to train:

-Mac OS X Admin Basics (as of today)
-Mac OS X Server Essentials (as of today)
-Admin Basics / Server Essentials Combo Class (as of today)
-QuickTime Streaming Server
-Getting Started with Mac OS X
-Migrating to Mac OS X
-Setting up Airport Networks

As of today’s exams, I’m an ACTC – “Apple Certified Techical Coordinator” (not sure exactly what that implies, except that I’ve passed the admin / server exams… heh). There’s one more Apple cert left for me, and that’s the ACSA – “Apple Certified Systems Administrator”, which requires taking three more courses and passing the exams. Hopefully my company will put me through those as well, considering that I’ve made it this far this fast, and the potential for teaching the other classes is great.

Next week I’m doing an Admin Basics / Server Essentials class in Redmond; that’s monday through friday. Nice little break from the sales floor… plus maybe I can get saturday / sunday off since I’m working thurs / friday (my normal days off).

So, life is pretty much continuing as planned. I think I’ve just about hit equilibrium from a financial perspective… it’s taken longer than normal since my job pays monthly. Still saving for a new powermac to be purchased as soon as I can get a dual gig for around 2k without totally draining all of my funds. While the desire for an iPod is stronger now that they’re cheaper and cooler, I basically have no real need for one, and that money would be better spent on other things.

I feel like I’m hitting a pretty good stride lately. Good town, good friends, good job, good housing situation, good computer situation… there’s not really much to complain about. Sure, there’s that all-american greed of wanting more-more-more, but dammit, I think I’d rather smell the flowers for a while ;)

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