all done :)

Welp, the training is over. The instructor said he’d recommend us all for certification to deliver this material, which rocks… I had to wait quite a while to find out if I got certified to deliver the QuickTime Streaming Server course. How long, you ask? Why, until today, as a matter of fact… the training coordinator ladies came in and talked to us for a while, and I asked her what the status was for my QTSS cert, and she said that I’m all set… so, two certifications in one day! Wooop!

Everybody’s left now… I’m still hanging out in the trianing room. The instructor is finishing up compressing some quicktime movies of our presentations, and he’s letting me hang out in here until he has to split. It’s rather nice, actually… got the lights turned off, the beats pumping thru my ‘phones, enjoying the absurdly fast wireless network that spans the entire campus… I’ll be taking off shortly for the airport to turn in my rental car; my flight leaves San Jose at 8:20 or so, arrives in SeaTac at like 10:45… then it’s back to the ‘grind’ – well, after taking tomorrow off, that is ;)

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