I think I’d like some feedback on some stuff I’ve been working on lately. Specifically, music tracks… While the point of the creation for me is to enjoy the process and the end product, maybe others might dig it too… So, give these a listen and if you like, let me know what you find pleasing / displeasing. Thanks :) (if I’ve already bothered you about this, don’t feel compelled to respond again ;)


I’m very excited to begin building an actual setup of some kind, with proper equip and everything… currently using only a computer, which is quite powerful indeed, but I’d go quite a bit faster with a midi keyboard, as the amount of mouse clicking required to duplicate a few bars of funky syncopated action is quite a lot, considering that I could play it in real time… plus that would open the door to longer melodic / improvisational lines… using loop-based stuff (like reason) is cool especially for ‘electronic’ music, but ultimately I get off most by building myself a little bed with the loop based stuff and then laying lots of dynamic stuff on top that’s manually played.

Anyway, I’m encouraged enough by recent efforts to start thinking of getting more serious about it… maybe once I get some tools I’ll put together a set and see what happens ;)

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