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Newpro is boss

2011 was drawing to a close, and I was uneasy at the lack of a Mac Pro refresh. My 2009 MacPro4,1 was still performing admirably, but video workflows were starting to feel sluggish as I incorporated more high-frame-rate content. Tasks like video encoding … Continue reading

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SSL enabled, registration disabled

… and now an announcement from the custodial engineering department: SSL has been enabled. Jihad nuclear al-qaeda infiltrate spy NSA snowden very much wow. I updated media links for recent posts (the ones that load on the front page), but … Continue reading

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Storage options for a SAS enclosure owner in a thunderbolt world

I posted the following at creativecow; below is a copy for my archives: — I’ve got an iStorage Pro 8 bay filled with 2 GB drives, and an ATTO R380 running on my 2009 Mac Pro in a RAID5 config … Continue reading

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irssi auto-op your friends

From the ‘short and sweet’ department, here’s a fast recipe for configuring irssi to automatically op users of your choosing. cd ~/.irssi/scripts curl -O mkdir -p autorun ; cd autorun ; ln -s ../ If irssi is already running … Continue reading

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Chasing your tail, and winning! (or: ramdisk soothes latency bumps)

My 8 drive RAID array is a little weird. Throughput is decent, but latency is kinda bad. This causes World of Warcraft for mac to not be able to keep up when capturing in-game video at high data rates (200+ … Continue reading

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SI File Transfer, Entity Capabilities, iChat, and Your Jabber Bot

What do these things have in common? This is the only place on the entire internet where you can read useful information about all of these things. I’ve toyed with jabber bots before, mostly using the various XMPP stacks available … Continue reading

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Longcuts occasionally form when shortcuts conspire

Saw a tweet about one of those one-touch ‘build me a VM’ things for Oracle server + rails and decided to try it; this one is mostly driven by some software called vagrant, which seems cool enough. It definitely doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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foci: MacBookPro10,1

I got one, and I really like it! This post will focus on just a few attributes of the new hardware that are salient to me. Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro10,1 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: … Continue reading

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Site Redesign Complete

I’ve finally finished with the site redesign, featuring a little custom javascript header – roll over the images to see other images. These are loaded from URLs in a JSON document, so it’ll be easy to add new images over … Continue reading

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Traffic Shaping with pfSense and HFSC

Traffic Shaping with pfSense and HFSC (youtube) This screencast demonstrates the use of a pfSense device for traffic shaping on a typical home network, with the goals of minimizing latency and maximizing throughput. In particular, we use a three-tier queue configuration … Continue reading

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