SSL enabled, registration disabled

… and now an announcement from the custodial engineering department: SSL has been enabled. Jihad nuclear al-qaeda infiltrate spy NSA snowden very much wow. I updated media links for recent posts (the ones that load on the front page), but not the older ones, so if you visit an old post and don’t see the SSL security indicator, check your browser console to reveal that it’s probably loading an image via http.

Also, user registration has been finally and permanently disabled. I tried various captcha systems over the years to keep spam bots from registering, but none work well enough, and I have tired of deleting spam accounts. To make sure to preserve the accounts for the handful of people who have commented in the past, I use this simple join query in the wordpress db:

SELECT DISTINCT user_login, 
FROM   wp_users 
       LEFT JOIN wp_comments 
              ON = wp_comments.user_id 
WHERE  wp_comments.user_id IS NOT NULL;

If anyone wants to comment on this or future posts, hit me up on twitter (the link is on your right), or just email me.

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