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X11 application mobility funs

Ever wanted to have an X11 application’s GUI follow you around between various machines while the app continues to run? Believe it or not, I have wanted this. Recently I found a little app that lets you do this called … Continue reading

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Firefly season 2?!?

http://fireflyseason2.com/ If you elect to watch it on your computer, be sure to let them know via the comments that you would prefer to download and store a copy, instead of a one-time viewing or some such.

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All together now…

Apple’s iPods are still broken for live or classical music, and concept albums. The problem is that the iPod can’t deal with tracks that are supposed to have no gap between them (Dark Side of the Moon, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely … Continue reading

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I very rarely go out of my way to recommend things like movies or tv shows, but tonight I will make an exception. I just finished watching the last episode of Joss Whedon’s Firefly, and I am seriously in awe. … Continue reading

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NerdTV. Good stuff, interesting insights and anecdotes.

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Preparations for the move are going as planned… got the utilities / DSL / phone situation dealt with today. Still on track for Friday departure. Also, a co-worker who went searching for “People Like Us” stuff after hearing me listen … Continue reading

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public announcement: I gave my two (point five) week’s notice to my employer today. If the current plans hold, the weekend of the 26th will be when I pack it all into a u-haul and drive it to cupertino, CA … Continue reading

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