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I gave my two (point five) week’s notice to my employer today. If the current plans hold, the weekend of the 26th will be when I pack it all into a u-haul and drive it to cupertino, CA to work for Apple. This process started in November, and today I got the green light from HR. Now it’s just a matter of paperwork, finding a place to live, and moving all my stuff.

The position is with Apple’s internal IT department; I’ll initially be doing some *nix server administration stuffs, and then potentially also helping out with desktop deployments / management. I am very anxious to get started :)


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  1. my_ophelia says:

    YAY! Finally!


  2. lisa says:

    Congrats Dray! You must be so stoked. You deserve it :)

  3. chris says:

    awesome! I know you’ve been working at this for a while.

  4. apestyle says:

    whoo-hoo \m/ rawkstar!

  5. integ says:

    That’s awesome bro. It’s where you should’ve been all along. Good times indeed! I look forward to you doing great things for Apple. Congratulations!

  6. musegong says:

    Dre! Congratulations!

    Can I help you load up the U-Haul? It’s been a while since we’ve done a back-breaking move together. =)

    • dre says:

      Thanks! yeah, you can definitely help. It’ll actually be quite nice, as I’ll be leaving both of my hammond organs here…. (heh, j/k… no hammonds to speak of ;).

      I will probably try to load the van and leave on the evening of friday the 25th, but perhaps saturday morning… not sure how long it’ll take me to get down there. I really don’t have a whole lot of stuff, so it should be fairly painless, esp. with two people. Thanks for the offer :) I’ll keep ya posted.

  7. saitan says:

    word up! congrats sir, you deserve it.
    much celebronging will be done in your name!

  8. natan says:

    Congrats (again)! There will be much chillin’ in Cupertino this summer!

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