First day @ apple was fun! *LOTS* of information to assimilate; it’s good to feel brain burn again :) In no particular order:

– It actually seems to be at least as cool as I hoped it would be
– I won an apple hat for correctly answering a trivia question during orientation
– I’ve been successfully scared / convinced into not talking about anything remotely sensitive to anybody outside the company. When it gets broken down in a straightforward way, it makes a lot of sense. I appreciate their honesty about the policy.
– Got the heavy formica-coated desk slab hauled up from my uhaul to the apartment. Thanks victor :)
– Got dre@apple.com and dre.apple.com
– My work desktop situation is sub-par, but they are cool with me bringing my own hardware in
– I appear to be bypassing some of the more technical portions of the orientation (mostly for people who don’t know os x like the back of their hand), in favor of actual work, which is good.
– Got my badge today:

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