settled in

More or less finished the unpacking today, with the realization that most of my crap is staying in boxes (which is to say, I could probably get rid of much of it entirely). Bought some more rope lights. I like the fact that they daisy-chain. Also plan on getting a new chair and a vacuum, but don’t feel like carrying it the 6 or so blocks from Target, so I will prey upon some unsuspecting automobile operator for transportation services.

Living this close to both an Outback and a BJ’s will make it difficult to not go there too often, but I will try. I think I may finally Learn To Cook, once and for all. There is a pretty sweet asian market close by with all sorts of intersting foods for cooking. During my time in the BVI, I got really used to eating rice + steamed vegetables, and it was good. And easy. Two of my favorite characteristics of food.

Work is going well. This was the first week, and though I’m certainly still learning the specifics of this particular environment, I’m also solving problems and am able to be useful to my co-workers. There is also the need for me to get into more depth about some things I’ve already known for a while, which will be fun / interesting. Mostly I’m glad that I will have to think a lot, which makes me feel pretty actualized.

Finally, the word for today is monism

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