Obligatory mention…

Oh yes…

It will be mine. In 5 to 7 days, via teh snail mail.


In other news, returning to active status in the quake3 urban terror clan I helped found many months ago is a hoot. Matches on wed and thurs nights. Here’s a screenshot.

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6 Responses to Obligatory mention…

  1. integ says:

    The highest points and the highest ping. Not bad Dre. The new machine looks hot. I wanted to wait for the rev before I got my 2.0 but Apple was dragging its heels and I really desperately needed an upgrade. Enjoy the new machine man, it looks hot! :)


  2. lenox says:

    Have fun with your new beast!

  3. roshua says:

    nice ride, mang!
    i’m thinking about building myself a pc to game on, and to learn how pc’s work, but it just seems so wrong.

    • dre says:

      it’s not wrong ;) I did exactly that a few years ago. Bottom line is that you simply get better price / performance for games with x86 hardware, and a larger selection of titles. In my opinion, this price / performance doesn’t really carry over beyond gaming so well, because in almost all other endeavors, you end up interacting with the OS a lot more. My wintendo more or less boots straight into quake3.

      As far as learning windows… yeah, if you have an interest, go for it. If not, don’t be afraid to completely shun it, proudly proclaiming, as I do, that you “don’t do windows” :) Life is to short to mess with that clusterfuck, I have concluded

      • roshua says:

        haha! you said “wintendo.” that’s funny!
        i’d rather never touch windows, but you’re right that macs don’t compare for games (my buddy has a dual 1.8 with 2.5gb ram and a 6800, and doom3 will only run at 640×480!), and if i’m going to move up from where i am (like to iris_ink) i’ll have to know something about it. i just don’t want to. sigh.

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