Settling in, but still reeling…

I had planned to stay at the Cupertino Inn when I arrived ~ 4a.m. this morning. In fact the Cupertino Inn was all locked up, with nobody to rent me out a room. I actually tried to sleep in the cab of the u-haul, first across the two front seats (almost got some), and then I was somehow able to position myself so that I was actually laying down on the floor of the cab. Head jammed up underneath the shotgun side (with pillow of course), I’m sure it looked pretty absurd (remember, I’m roughly 6’5″ btw), not that I cared. I don’t know for sure if I actually got any sleep, but I think I did get a little.

At around 8:30 I drove over to the Valley Green Apartments leasing office, to await their open at 9. NPR kept me company, as it did for most of the journey from Seattle. Got into my new space without incident. Found a good parking spot for the truck, and hauled all my crap in, save for the heavy formica-coated slab that serves as my desktop (getting help with that tomorrow).

After all day Friday spent packing / cleaning / loading, roughly 15 hours on the road Saturday, followed by barely any sleep, getting even my fairly meager amount of stuff (easily fits in the smallest 10ft u-haul) into the second-floor apartment proved to be a formidable task. I was heaving, dizzy, sweating bullets, hungry, and very tired… which is to say, I was digging it. I’m not the sort of person that enjoys pain, but I do enjoy pushing myself really hard physically on occasion… (if only I could get into lifting weights or something, hmm…).

Had an early afternoon dinner at Outback, followed by some household and food shopping at the nearby shopping center.

Tomorrow morning is my first day on the new job @ apple, and I plan on being rested. Which means bed very soon.

I already miss being in Seattle. I did before I was even gone. I’m super glad I got to spend one last night chillin w/damon & amanda before I left, though.

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