Stuff that’s happening:

Recently joined a quake3 urban terror clan. My fundamentals are good, I just need to learn more about team play strategies. My first match was tonight; we lost handily :)

Work is pretty much going the same as it has been, though the training schedule relaxed a bit for a while.

I recently acquired a leased machine in colocation in dallas. It runs freebsd, and will take over all my hosting duties. This will enable me to cancel my speakeasy DSL (which has performed very well, and I’ll be sad to get rid of it) and get cable, saving me roughly $50 per month including the cost of the colo. The colo box (meta) is very well connected, so my sites will be much snappier / more stable, plus cable-speed downloads at home. With the luxury of as much transition time as I want, I’m using the opportunity to try things on meta a few different ways before I settle on the final config and set of services. I have a little blog of some of the configuration specifics here.

Things I’m into:

Playing Urban Terror
Chillin’ w/blackmagic and alien_foetus a lot
Tweaking meta, the colo box. This will be a source of activities for quite a while, I think.
Continuing the exploration of new music.

About dre

I like all kinds of food.
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