by the way

it’s springtime. prepare for increased levels of emotional upheaval.

sudo killall -m -HUP “.”

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I like all kinds of food.
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  1. my_ophelia says:

    Zappa rocks…Moon unit was alumni at my middle school in L.A. until she got a death threat.

    So does this mean you’re happier in the spring? Spring Fever?

    • dre says:

      I’m usually happy 24/7/365, but I have noticed the human instinct which kicks in around spring time. I’m probably affected a bit more by that insinct in others than in myself, but given the interrelated nature of things, that probably doesn’t matter. Generally I’m not prone to broad emotional swings (not consciously, anyway) but it has happened. I did find myself enjoying life a little bit more than usual this morning, however :)

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