low light iSight still not werkin’ right

In case anybody was wondering, the iSight is still … well, pathetic in low light, even after the 1.02 firmware update. Oh well. Maybe in another year we’ll get another firmware update that might fix this, or maybe iChat will let us jack the gain in software like evocam can do.

https://dreness.com/isight_vs_ibot.html for pictoral evidence.

cheers :)

*update: 12/14/04: now there is iGlasses. Woohoo!*

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  1. gren says:

    not sure what the exact specs are on those cams, but most CCD’s are predisposed to being sensitive to infrared light, so it might be worth checking out the ramsey IR illuminator kit which requires assembly, tho the barest of soldering skills would do, and is by far the cheapest IR illuminator you can find.

  2. module7 says:

    interesting comparison. maybe we should test this on different light sources. monitor, hallogen, and sun light. when I used to talk to my father with his iBot, the lightning was so bad. Thats why he got an iSight. and with this new update things are looking much better than before

  3. kyrina says:

    Watch out!

    There’s a squirrel is attacking your face!

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