Here’s a few clips for your multimedia-consuming delight.

Here’s the Sunday night recap

…and here’s the day 1 recap :)

Take a spin around 1 Infinite Loop!

Now it’s Tuesday morning, and class is about to start :)

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I like all kinds of food.
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4 Responses to veeedeeohh

  1. ary18 says:

    We miss you at work! I hope you’re having a great time! See you when you get back!

  2. jochan says:

    *wishes she was badass enough to be able to name the tune you were whistling*

    • dre says:

      some people doodle with pen / paper, some people bite their nails… I unconsciously whistle :) It used to drive my step-dad crazy, mostly because I would never realize that I was doing it. I don’t think it was any particular tune, either… just uh… you know… the usual fragments of scales / modes, etc ;)

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