day 3

Another fun day of training :)

I presented a chapter today, and will do another tomorrow. I must say that I’m extremely pleased with the way things are turning out… the format of the training is really perfectly designed to allow for tangential discussions when necessary, so I never feel like we have to gloss over the important details / sticky points.

Our instructor posses a truly awesome amount of knowledge, and not just tech. related. Three times today he provided fairly high-end literary references that actually pertained to the discussions at hand… then tonight (we all went out for dinner together) I saw him doing sign-language really fast to somebody on the other end of our tables cause it was so loud in there… He’s an ex NeXT developer, and I got a chance to talk to him by myself tonight when he gave me a ride back to my car which was parked @ apple. It really really stokes me to be able to associate with and learn from this kind of person, and I get the feeling from walking around the apple campus that the place is loaded with them.

I was pretty sure before coming down here that I wanted to work for apple in Cupertino – now I’m absolutely sure of it. All things in time however… I’m quite pleased with my Seattle situation right now, and I expect to continue to be pleased with it for years to come.

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