status update

Both shipping containers will go out this weekend… We’ve contacted the local trucker guy, who will bring the container Islandless owns from our tower site down to the house, we’ll load it, then he’ll deliver it to the Tropical Shipping docks. Then he’ll get an empty container from Tropical, bring it back up the hill, we’ll load it, and it’ll get trucked back down.

Still no solid arrival date for getting stateside, but it should be towards the end of feb. We’ll get our stuff delivered from Tropical in Ft. Lauderdale back to Rob’s dad’s place, which is where I’ll stay temporarily whilst dealing with all this. From there, I’ll have it loaded into a truck or something, Seattle bound.

For the duration of the shipment, I’ll be visiting friends in the Bradenton area, and also spending some time up in PA at the house. Then back to Seattle, finally :)

Also, neph arrives this evening from Boulder… it’ll be cool to hang out for real, after years of IRC :) A couple months ago, I put him in touch with a friend of ours here that needs the help of a skilled, unix savvy type like neph, so hopefully all goes well with that.

If this schedule holds, I’ll go offline friday or saturday until we reach the states.

More later…

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