Airline reservations secured…

We leave the BVI by way of ferry, since we’re flying out of St. Thomas, USVI, next thursday, Feb 21st.

I’ll stay at rob’s dad’s place in Ft. Lauderdale and help with the assimilation of the containers; I think I’m gonna ship my stuff via UPS, since I really only have about 6 items (two container tub type things, two mid sized cardboard boxes, my chair, and my garment bag full of suits that I’ll probably never wear). I’ll travel with my big-ass suitcase, big-ass backpack, and little-ass laptop bag…

I’m not sure how long it’ll take to get the containers settled in Ft. Lauderdale, but probably not more than a week… From there, I shall head over to the west siyeeed to stay with gren and isteph for a bit, which will be fun I’m sure :) There is even a possibility of coordinating the Ft. Lauderdale => Tampa expedition with lenox and co., which would be quite a hoot :)

From Tampa, I’ll fly to PIT (by way of JFK) on the 5th, then stay at the house in PA until the 16th. Then, out to Seattle, again via JFK. Woot!!

We’ll probably break down our network + workstations sometime later today / this evening, at which point I’ll be offline until next Thursday.

Met Nate (neph) yesterday; he stopped by with Richard for a few minutes. We’ll hang again probably next week, after we’ve got the containers all dealt with.

I’m saving the final Islandless / BVI wrap-up until this is all over and done with, so stay tuned ;)

Well, that’s about it from the BVI… next post should be made stateside :)

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  1. blackmagic says:


  2. jazzro says:

    If your quick maybe you can catch some keller williams up in north florida, !!!
    you should spend some time around town here too! we could rock some funky treats

  3. Anonymous says:

    word up dude

    Hey, Isaiah here,
    how long are you going to be in seattle for? we should all get together and do some chillin yo. i will try to catch you on irc.

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