pack it up, pack it in

So, the time of waiting has come and gone… We started packing on Monday. The plan we formulated a while ago is still intact… we’ll have everything loaded out by the end of the month. The packing will be better this time… we’ve got more time to do it, plus POWER TOOLS. Consequently, most of the stuff will occupy much less space than it did on the way over. We were going to break down the servers / desks today, but decided to postpone it until tomorrow.

Still gorgeous outside. I’m a bit more mindful of the climate here lately, as I’ll soon be returning to the great northwest. I don’t mind, though… there’s benefits and drawbacks to everything I guess ;) I actually kinda dig on the cold, as long as there is occasional respite (summers).

Spent a bit of time today going through my stuff, trying to whittle it down as much as possible. I’ve decided to finally toss out a bunch of my old shit… specifically, my old scsi equipment (my current cd burner is long overdue for replacement), my backpack from 6th grade (I might have actually kept it, had it not gotten totally moldy and funk-t-fied… seems to happen to anything around here if you just let it sit someplace without touching it for a while…), and a bunch of old serial and localtalk cables that I’ll never use. All in all, I simply don’t have that much stuff to begin with, which is good.

As usual, going through my stuff led to a bit of reminiscing… old letters, cards, pictures… Sometimes I pine for days past. Then I stop and instead think of what’s to come. I re-found a couple interesting recordings that I’ve made on my little portable cassette recorder… one is from the Phish 1999 new year’s eve show / 5 day camping event extravaganza / traffic jam from hell, and another is from one night when I cut work at VoiceStream and decided to party instead…I was pretty far out of my head, and it’s all on tape ;) I’ve taken the liberty of digitizing the Phish show, and the two tracks are currently being ripped to MP3 – should be done by the time I’m finished writing this ;) I figure I’ll go ahead and post them to the masses. It was easily the coolest extended concert / event that I’ve ever been a part of. I’m planning on finally doing up our NYE 2000 Phish website, just a tad bit late. We’ve got a bunch of great pictures… I think the plan is to use the pictures and the recordings, as well as plain ol’ narrative from yours truly and gren (if you’re up for it) to recap the entire event as best as possible…

In other news, there really is no other news at all :) As I’ve said before, nothing much of interest really happens around here.

I suppose I should start solidifying my plans for after we hit the states. I wanna get airline tickets as cheaply as possible, so that means as soon as possible… fortunately, I’ll have ample time in Ft. Lauderdale to deal with the shipping of my goods… just gonna stay at rob’s dad’s place again (lenox, we should hook up ;). From there, my stuff get shipped to Seattle, I fly to PA to visit folks (with a possible stop over in Bradenton area to visit friends), then out to Seattle.

All of this stuff immediately at hand is just busy work, and I’ve done it enough times that it’s fully automatic. Most of my attention these days is focused on Seattle, and what will happen once I return. I’m really anxious to see damon, amanda, nick, bender, and the rest of the seattle crew, too numerous to mention. I also eagerly await being in a place that is home to others (more) like me. Peers are more important than I thought… Even though I’ve had a pretty tight group of friends living / working here at the Islandless compound, I’ve still got a desire to just go and meet new, interesting people… at shows, hanging out, at parties… etc, etc.

Hmm, and it seems that when I digitized the tape it sorta screwed up… seems to have dropped a wad of samples every few seconds or so… I’ll do it differently and post the results when they’re ready.

More later.

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5 Responses to pack it up, pack it in

  1. gren says:

    mm…shame about the bvi…gov’t can be a tad fucked up at times…

    I am glad you’ve finally gotten around to digitizing those phish tapes…I think I remember some pretty funny things being recorded on that (first time N2O experiences, all our stuff is belong to trash etc), and I have been promising clay pigeon those tapes for quite some time.

    as per the images, I have bunches myself…chillin with the jp crew, balloon mania, the uberclassic ‘dre passed out with cigarette’ series, even that wobbly panorama I managed to pull off…mm, good times indeed.

    it’s time to look forwards, not backwards, upwards, not forwards, and always whirling, whirling towards freedom…

  2. lenox says:

    don’t be a stranger in ft. lauderdale!
    give a call :-)

  3. gren says:

    which track would that be on the rare shit disc?

    is that the legit backup we made?

    • dre says:


      It’s from that one compilation we did at the IMC. I don’t have the track names on all of them, tho I could probably figure ’em out. Do you still have a copy of that disk? I can rip the tracks off if you want…


  4. jazzro says:

    let me begin

    bring on the phish stuff woohoo! and like lenox ryan said, dont be a stranger to ft lauderdale!!

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