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This one right here. $30. it’s a blast :) don’t get the jet, it’s too fast. biplane = a nice leasurely flight. you probably won’t, for example, get it lost very high in a tree next to the parking lot you were supposed to be flying in.

This one is sort of a biplane situation; the box should contain the text ‘backwards flyer’. Another thing that isn’t made abundantly clear, but should be: variable throttle control on this one. That is, more than just ‘on’ or ‘off’. I find that it’s pretty easy to fly very close to the ground with this unit, though not at all with the jet.

I found some at Target.

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  1. henry says:

    Sweet! Lisa wrecked our last plane, and I’ve been looking for a replacement that’s easy for Sophia to fly. Thanks for the linkage!

  2. my_ophelia says:

    so weird! just yesterday me and my boyfriend and my best friend decided it would be cool to get rc planes. We went to the toy store and bought 3 of the regular planes, and 2 helicopters, which are by far the coolest shit ever. We spent 8 hours in the sun playing with fucking airplanes. Good call, and what funny timing. Weather in seattle has been perfect for them.

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