Allow me to formally introduce yet another new blog on the Internet: The Bits is just a stupidly generic name for a place where I can put all my borish geeky stuff. From the about page:

In this blog, you may find little niblets and scripts, things about Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server. Maybe some deployment issues or interesting workarounds. Maybe some neat little hacks or tricks. Perhaps the occasional higher level commentary about The State Of Things, or whatever.

It’s using wordpress, so all the new hotness is there. You know, microformats, metadata tags, rss feeds, AJAX, xml validators, XML / RPC reacharounds (aka trackbacks), blingtastic click-me-toos, and other things that are TOTALLY AWESOME and which cannot be described without the use of wild all-inclusive gesticulation.

About dre

I like all kinds of food.
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