WWDC and whatnot

WWDC ’06. Yep.

Of course the content is all confidential, but you may have already seen the keynote.

I worked the Enterprise IT lab for a few sessions this year, as I did last year. This year I also managed the configuration of some of the machines and prepared some demo / tutorial content for a bunch of Open Directory clients and servers. There was also the requisite fire extinguishing for others who were less prepared…

There were lots of interesting sessions, but I still enjoyed it more from the social angle. In addition to all the cool folks I met while working the labs, there were two somewhat separate irc meetups… #macdev and #opendarwin, both on freenode.

The #opendarwin meetup was really more of a wake, considering that they finally threw in the towel. Anyway, that was at Zeitgeist Sunday night, and it was a blast. I drank a lot. The keynote was rough the next morning, but I pulled it off somehow!

#macdev was on Wednesday night, at the usual location – Gordon Biersch. It was the biggest ever; almost 50 people showed up! A big chunk of people parted ways after dinner, those who remained then went on to O’Something’s pub and kept drinking. Good times :) Between the two irc groups, I caught up with several friends from afar, and also got to know some other folks.

Thursday night was the Apple campus bash. They bussed us all to Cupertino from the Moscone center. BT played. I was mostly into it for the fact that a bunch of people seemed to be into it. Maybe one of these years we’ll get an act that I can dig on directly.

Friday night there was a large collective trip to the Castro theater to see 2001 in 70mm goodness. It was an interesting collection of friends of mine who had never before met. They got started with a big organ playing a full-on Also sprach Zarathustra, complete with the sinking into the stage at the end – very awesome. I just happen to have some video (though I missed the first phrase). The movie was… well, I don’t need to tell you. I saw things in it I really don’t remember having seen before, specifically a bunch of freak-out stuff towards the end. Maybe that means I never made it that far, maybe it was a special cut… not sure. Also lots of laughs from the crowd during some of the HAL interactions; it was fun.

Spent the night @ nick’s, and most of Saturday, then came back to tha coup.

Yesterday and today was mostly spent catching up with things @ work. I’m finally unburied and ready to work on some projects that really need attention. Hopefully servers don’t explode, diverting my time once again towards janitorial duties.

Otherwise, things are good. The weather is great, I bought a bike, and oh yes, the Nintendo DS Lite rocks the house. My friend code is 287839 004114; currently I’m doing mostly mario kart, and also some of the new mario bros’. Metroid DS is all funky and first-person, but I think it’ll be worthwhile, just takes getting used to.

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