bring on the video!

“So you can do video on these devices if you want to, but the things that are suboptimal about it are the screen size and the battery life – things like that. The fundamental problem here is… Headphones are a miraculous thing. You put on a pair of headphones and you get the same experience as with a great pair of speakers. Well, there’s no such thing as headphones for video. There’s not something I can carry with me – something I can put on – that will give me the same experience that I get when I’m watching my 50-inch plasma display at home. And until somebody invents that, you’re going to have these opposing constraints.” -Steve Jobs, 7-14-05.

Heh. I’m guessing that the iPod with video wasn’t developed in the three months since that interview.

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3 Responses to bring on the video!

  1. apestyle says:

    Think he was throwin’ the competition off the scent?

  2. integ says:

    I’m guessing that the iPod with video wasn’t developed in the three months since that interview.

    Steve said in the broadcast when thanking the developers that they had been working on this for the past “12 to 18 months”, so he was definitely purposefully downplaying the upcoming announcement back in July.

  3. lenox says:

    I think this was kind of a “well, at least our finger’s in the pie…so that when this really catches on and there is technology good enough for comfortably watching tv shows and videos on a personal device, we’ll be there, and the infrastructure will already be in place, and hopefully we’ll have caught the eye of every tv network worth watching.”

    The current iPod only has a 2.5″ screen, but at least it’s no bigger than the previous models – It’s even a bit smaller – and the price is the same, so it’s almost like a feature Apple ‘tucked into the box’ … people will still buy the ipods…and the ipods will be able to play video, whether or not most people will use them for that purpose.

    But as for the whole headphone/screen analogy, I totally agree, UNLESS we are talking about the PSP which has a bright, wide, hi-res screen that I love!

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