Movies and pictures from the Kraftwerk show last night.

Been looking forward to this show for quite a while. It’s pretty rare, for me at least, to get a chance to witness live some of the people responsible for the birth of electronic music, and I enjoyed it a great deal.

The show started not very long after doors, with no opening band. Before the curtains initially came open, they did a totally kickass sillouette of them at their podiums, shadows cast onto the back of the curtain by some very red lights behind them. Musically, it sounded exactly like Kraftwerk, though I noticed a few tweaks here and there (the somewhat housey ‘pocket calculator’ for example). They played a good mixture of newer and older stuff (relatively speaking, anyway).

The only hitch I noticed was that there was no PA audio for the 3rd encore, which is when the robots came out and did “Robots”; they quickly cranked up the stage monitors, so we at least heard something. Everything was okay again for the 4th and final encore, which is when they threw on the green stripped robots suits and did 2 or 3 songs, ending with “Music Non-Stop”, which made a great closer.

Definitely a great experience :) Huge props to for facilitating :)

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