Photos and movies from the Squarepusher show @ the ShowBox on Tuesday. I’ll appologize in advance for the crappy sound quality; the movies were taken with my canon sd100, which is definitely not a video camera :)

The fare seemed to be typical for a live show; aggressive and full of energy. There were a few short solo bass excursions, but of course not as many as I would have liked, especially after Ultravisitor. Even though there wasn’t much new stuff, or funkier downtempo things, or any classic acid techno, I went ahead and pumped myself full of guinness and had a blast anyway. I would love to see him in a more relaxed setting, without the expectation of satiating the volume junkies and hard-core drill heads so he could do more of a well-rounded performance. Still, no complaints about what he played. The reason I like his live stuff is not becuase it’s high energy or aggressive (usually I tend to not go for such things), but becuase it’s interesting. He weaves complex rhythms throughout almost everything, and that’s enough to get me past the raw distorted ugliness of some of the sounds.

The openers were also a lot of fun… first there were these two cats who pranced around with masks on, doing sort of a live interpretation of some pre-produced material. It was basically a bunch of quotes, lyrics and songs that were cut up to quite humerous effect, reminding me a bit of “People Like Us Hate People Like You”. The general theme of their act seemed to lean toward the pornographic.

Right before squarepusher came out, there was Kenny Muhammad, the Human Orchestra. There are a few movies of his performance linked above; he had the place roarin, and could surely pump out the jams all night long :)

That is all.

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