So, I *finally* bought Reason. Whew :) Seriously, it’s truly incredible for the price. For those unaware, it’s a decently complete software music studio containing samplers, synths, sequencers, and other software replicas of audio hardware (mixers, effects devices, etc). I’ve been messing with this app on and off since it came out in like 1998 or so; it was the first ‘major’ audio app to work in Mac OS X (works perfectly in 10.1 and 10.2… which is amazing if you know much about Mac OS X’s audio stuff at the system level. Audio stuff changed a great deal with 10.2 – from what I can infer, propellerheads (the developers) didn’t make much use of apple’s audio frameworks, and instead just did the whole thing themselves… crazy :)

Anyway, now that I’m a proud owner (and now that I’m starting to get good at using it), I think it’s time to start putting some of my stuff ‘out there’. propellerheads has their own community forums where you can upload your songs and associate with other users, but it’s only accessible to registered owners of their products. For the sake of providing access to others, I set up a Reason page which contains links to my tracks, and will be updated regularly. I’ll probably be making references to that page here from time to time when I come up with stuff I think is worthy of mention :)

In any case, I’m pretty lame about actually naming tracks, so instead they just have dates – this is handy because it’s possible to hear the general changes and improvements made over time (even though these tracks span several styles). Feel free to give a listen, but certainly don’t feel obligated – I realize that I am but a budding musician :)

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