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9:20 a.m., on the bus…

Normally I’d be sleeping right about now… but I made up some good ground yesterday, so I suppose it’s good to be getting a fresh start today…. that, and also I have to be in west seattle @ 10 :) Thanks to metro’s excellent trip planner, the logistics are made simple. So, on the bus I ride… another nice thing about riding is that it opens up extra computer time where I can’t be distracted by network based things… well I guess that’s not entirely true either… (see screenshot). Anyway, two transfers and a bit over an hour to get there.

time passes

7:ish, on the bus…

Well that was easy and fun, both for him and for me. I really like doing the one-on-one training thing with intelligent people who are ready and willing to learn. This particular guy does pretty well as a producer / director (initially theater, now film), and bought himself a complete rig… top of the line powerbook, 17″ apple LCD, printers, software, 20 gig ipod… the works. When I arrived, it was all still in boxes (except for the powerbook..) My task was clear :)

We did all the normal “first time mac user” things, including getting all of his word docs moved over from his wintel laptop (he already had them backed up to a firewire drive). He was amazed at how easy it all was. He was especially psyched about the iTunes / iPod stuff, which really is quite cool. I could see the wheels turning in his head :)

In any case, an enjoyable way to spend a day off and make some money while I’m at it. I don’t think I’d want to do this weekly (just cause I value down time too much), but in this particular case, it was definitely worth it, seeing as how it’s xmass and I’m low on fundage. This guy does want me back again, however… probably at least one more visit. He’s gonna get into final cut pro, also, so it’s quite likely that he’ll employ me to help him learn that. We hit it off pretty well… he was even talking about me getting involved with some other projects… we’ll see how that works out :)

(here’s the full list of wlans, for those interested)


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