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Let’s see…. since last post:

– had an awesome time down at Apple for the ACSA session. The courseware will be done around January 20th, at which time we’ll start delivering it. Since I was at that session, I’m able to deliver the class without having to go through the extra 5 day training deal… which means we will be one of the very first places to deliver this class… which will be great if there’s actually significant demand for it. There should be… I mean, it’s good courseware. My company will be running adds on a few mac sites, so keep your eyes peeled ;)

– took the new ACTC test on Monday (and defeated it handily), so that I can be a certified ACTC and also so that I can deliver the 5 day ACTC Essentials course.


His name is pimp, and here are the vitals:
+800 MHz g4 7450 processors
+1024 MB RAM
+GeForce 2MX TwinView (since replaced with a GeForce 4MX 460 – whirred blackmagic ;-)
+80 GB ATA drive
+ Adaptec 2930uc SCSI card
+ Zip drive

As you may have guessed, I’m generally elated. This is my first fast mac, and it also allows me to indefinitely repurpose core (my older g4) as a server.

Sunday I leave for Portland, where I’ll be until Friday delivering the ACTC class at our Portland store.

Today was pretty basic, despite the holiday status… like most any other day off, I reckon, except for the big pumpkin pie at the end :)

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