harumph :)

So, here I am in the middle of a two week hiatus from the sales floor :) Last week I was getting my ACTC certification updated for the 10.2 (jaguar) version…

… and this week I’m down in Cupertino, CA for another training session… this one is the Mac OS X Administration and Integration component of the ACSA. It’s a sort of pre-release session; Apple expects to be offering it to the public in january. For now, this alpha (and an upcoming beta) session represents the latter part of the development of the curriculum. I’m not sure exactly what my role here is, but I expect it’ll be to help fine tune the course and provide suggestions, etc.

The flight was non-eventful. Before long I won’t even be mentioning the air travel aspect, since it’s becoming rather ordinary ;)

Currently I’m on the back porch of this second floor, Apple provided apartment (furnished, dishes, washer / dryer, cable tv, the works…), siting in a dining room chair that is perched atop a ~ 2ft coffee table. I needed the extra height to maintain the wireless signal. Thanks to 00:40:05:b8:5b:23 for the route, whoever you are ;)

More later :)

and some dumbass spider just tried to make my laptop the foundation of his latest creation… but that’s not happening….

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