Another day, another dollar…

good: pretty decent sales today

bad: 12.5 hour work day

good: Apple came by the store after we closed for an xserve presentation

bad: they didn’t actually have one with them (supposedly they started production yesterday)

good: they did, however, supply free pizza and yes, even beer! (I had three, plus one for the road)…

bad: it’s tough to type with this bus bouncing all around like it is…. life is so hard ;)

good: I’m geekier than the rest of the llamas on the bus (go BLEET BLEET BLEET)

bad: the only people on the bus at this hour are either dead tired or in possesion of a rather elevated freak factor…. (I guess that’s really not so bad…. sure as hell beats the classic puritan superficial bullshit of small town USA)

good: tomorrow is my friday

good: I’ve got a dual gigahertz g4 tower on loan from my store for one whole month!

good: including NFR copies of final cut pro 3 and dvd studio pro (which I’m using to prepare myself to teach aforementioned software titles)

It’s totally interesting to me that all of this good and bad stuff is completely relative. Personal values change over time, but I still always seem to be able to find things that I consider “bad”, even if I really have it pretty damn good. It is for this reason that I think life is less about the destination and more about the journey. If one cannot be happy *now*, with whatever situation happens to be in effect (within reason), then maybe it’s not reasonable to think that one will be able to attain happiness through some worldly means…. or maybe this whole thing is just one big mind f*ck (or maybe that’s what consciousness is in the first place…. more likely, however, is that the beer has inspired dilusions of intellectual philanthropy, in the throes of which I currently endeavor to find a graceful end to this journal entry…)

that’ll do.

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